Cow Herd

Our purebred cowherd is run a lot like our commercial cowherd, in terms of our feeding program & management style. I don’t pamper our cows around here, they aren’t given second chances. I simply don’t have the time, or the manpower to put up with it. Each cow has to be good footed, structurally correct, great uddered, & raise a heavy calf without the assistance of a creep feeder. I strictly cull our cowherd to these merits so in turn I find we have less calves to cull in the fall at weaning.

We run two separate herds of purebreds. The first one calves in January/ February, & from this group we raise the bulls who will be sold as yearlings in our sale. The second herd is calved in April/May, & from this group we hold bulls over & summer them on big pastures where they get lots of exercise. They will be sold as two year olds in our sale.

These cowherds never comingle. They are managed totally separate from each other. We don’t hold over bulls that have been previously offered for sale & try to sell them the next year. We are very steadfast in our commitment to only offering the best to our customers. I’m very proud of our cowherd & welcome the opportunity to show you our factory.