A Lasting Impression

Value. Loyalty. Transparency.

We here at Footprint Farms would like to welcome you to our web site! Thanks for stopping by!

We would like to take this time to share a little history about our operation & what we strive for. I represent the fourth generation to reside on our ranch.

Our family has been able to live & operate here in Esther, Alberta for the last 111 years. My Grandpa Frank Foot was the one who followed his dreams of becoming a farmer & rancher. It was with an extreme amount of hard work that he was able to acquire his land & build up his herds of cattle and horses. Throughout the years, both my Grandpa & Grandma passed on their values & beliefs to their children. Those same values have been passed down to their many grandchildren, & now great-grandchildren. I feel a great privilege to be able to continue with the same traditions & values that built our place all those years ago.

In 2001, I made a conscious effort to concentrate on raising purebred Charolais, along with the commercial cowherd of my father’s. Having the commercial cowherd allowed me to remain connected to our grassroots & the needs of my bull customers. We live in an area that is prone to more hot & dry weather conditions than others, so I feel our selection criteria is stricter than most.